Complete The Journey!

Your time has come. You've prepared. You've studied, and in our Art, you've grown. But, you've not yet been invested with the Secrets of a Master Mason - the full story of the Widow's Son still eludes you. But now... your time has come.

Knock on the Door Again, Make York Mark, Pierce the Veil, Open the Vaults, and Complete the Journey.

Complete The Journey!

Keystone Mark Master Masons Lodge № 0

Open to all Master Masons, membership in the Lodge of Mark Masters is predicated upon interest in the advanced Degrees of Masonry.


Royal Arch Masonry

The completion of the Lodge experience, Capitular Masonry lays all the secrets of the Lodge bare, to include The Word. Capitular Masonry consists of the Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason degrees.

Cryptic Masonry

Consisting of the degrees of Royal, and Select Master, Cryptic masonry takes you past the veils of the Craft experience, an into crypt where you learn how The Word was preserved for all eternity.



The only expression of Chivalric Masonry in the York Rite, the Orders of Red Cross, of St. Paul (passing), of the Knights of Malta, and of the Temple are the capstone of the York Rite experience and bind you to guide Masonic piligrims throughout the world.
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