The honor societies confer side or chair degrees for the heads of York Rite bodies. They meet once annually for this purpose, and to elect officers, on the second Saturday in January.

Anointed High Priests of Melchizedek

2018 – 2019

Order of Anointed High Priests of Melchizedek

Most Excellent President

Charles E. Warren, Sr., KYCH

Excellent Companion Vice President

T. J. Robertson, KYGCH

Excellent Companion Chaplain

Michael F. Slaughter

Excellent Companion Recorder

Lawrence R. Rodriguez, KYCH

Excellent Companion Master of Ceremonies

Reed B. Fanning

Excellent Companion Conductor

Jay N. Mitchell

Excellent Companion Herald

Timothy Stenner

Excellent Companion Steward

Dennis Hauze

Excellent Companion Sentinel

William Brotherson

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Silver Trowel

 Order of Thrice Illustrious Masters of the Silver Trowel

Thrice Illustrious Master

Charles E. Warren,  Sr., KYCH

Thrice Illustrious Senior Warden

Reed B. Fanning

Thrice Illustrious Junior Warden

Jay N.Mitchell

Thrice Illustrious  Recorder

Lawrence R. Rodriguez, KYCH

Thrice Illustrious Steward

Brian J. Hastings

Thrice Illustrious Sentinel

Timothy Stenner

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Past Commanders Association

Eminent Prior

T.J. Robertson, KYGCH

Eminent Senior Warden

Charles E. Warren, Sr., KCT, KYCH

Eminent Junior Warden

Preston Martineau, Jr., KCT, KYGCH

Eminent Recorder

Lawrence R. Rodriguez, KYCH

Eminent Warder

Reed B. Fanning

Eminent Prelate

Jay N. Mitchell

Eminent Sentinel

Timothy Stenner

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