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Commandery Awards

Knight Commander of the Temple (KCT)

      Knight Commander of the Temple (abbreviated KCT) is the second highest decorationof the Grand Encampment, and was adopted in the 1991-1994 Triennium.  One or more Sir Knights may be honored each year in a jurisdiction with this award, recognizing the honoree’s service to the causes of Templary.


Knight Grand Cross of the Temple  (GCT)

      There is a limit of twenty seven Templars not including Grand Encampment elected officers and Past Grand Masters of Grand Encampment. The GCT is the highest decoration awarded by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar.




Knight Templar Cross of Honor (KTCH)

      The Knight Templar Cross of Honor is the highest honor awarded  by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar. It is  awarded “only for exceptional and meritorious service rendered to the Order, far beyond the call of duty, and beyond the service usually expected of an officer or member.”  In deciding upon the award, precedents shall be entirely ignored and each case shall be decided upon its own unusual merits.  No posthumous award shall be made, and no present or past elected Grand Officer of a Grand Commandery shall be eligible for the award.

Meritorious Service Award

      Meritorious Services is listed as "Deserving of Honor or Esteem."  The men receiving this award should be deserving of honor and selected for the service to each Commandery.  To view the recipients of this award and see award qualifications click here.