2019-2020 Committees

Four Corners Festival

  • Chairman - T.J. Robertson KYGCH

  • Co-Chairman - "Gunny" Rodriguez KYGCH

  • Reed Fanning KYCH

  • Daniel Drew

Royal Arch Reaffirmation Day

  • Chairman - O. Blake Hansen

  • Daniel Drew

  • Constituent Chaplains

Royal Arch Research Assistance Charitable Contributions

  • Chairman - Daniel Drew

  • O. Blake Hansen

  • Timothy Stenner

  • Constituent High Priests and Secretaries

Bronze Medal Award

  • Chairman - John H. McCurdy

  • T.J. Robertson

  • Howard Hastings

The Grand York Rite Bodies of Utah

Contact us by emailing our Grand Secretary/Recorder at gsr@utahyorkrite.org

or by submitting in the form to the right.

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