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The Grand York Rite Bodies of Utah

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Cryptic Mason of the Year Recipients

1975 John F. Coombs Utah No.1

1976 William H. Shipler Utah No.1

1977 Duane C. Carpenter Ogden No.3

1978 Carlos Giacoletto Solomon No.4

1979 Curtis N. Lancaster Ogden No.3

1980 Howard J. Mickolash 

1981 Kenneth L. Morris Ogden No.3

1982 Richard H. Simons Utah No.1

1983 Walter J. Miller Utah No.1

1984 Oscar W. Baer Daly No.5

1985 Leslie H. Ryan 

1986 Elgin S. Hokanson Daly No.5

1987 H. Ellison Dunlap Utah No.1

1988 James V. Mazurie III Provo No.2

1989 Homer K. Cutrubus Ogden No.3

1990 Harry B. Reich Provo No.2

1991 David H. Nelson Daly No.5

1992 George R. Anderson Utah No.1

1993 W. Wayne Motley Daly No.5

1994 James H.Tooley Ogden No.3

1995 Royal A. Watson Utah No.1

1996 Melvin R. Walker Ogden No.3

1997 Owen C. Orton Provo No.2

1998 William A. Powell Ogden No.3

1999 William A Butterfield Utah No.1

2000 Norman A Smith Solomon No.4

2001 Aric M Cramer 

2002 George A Poate Malta No.3

2003 Lewis G Webster Malta No.3

2004 Robert J Heaney Utah No.1

2005 B. Carl Lairson Provo No.2

2006 Lee M Rogers Daly No.5

2007 Ridgely Gilmour Utah No.1

2008 Dean D Rein Zion No.7

2009 Harry B Cohn Ogden No.3

2010 James L Sweet Ogden No.3

2011 Preston Martineau Daly No.5

2012 Steve Wilkinson Solomon No.4

2013 Robert Frayser Solomon No.4

2014 Terry L. Lee St.George No.10

2015 TJ Robertson Solomon No.4

2016 Benjamin R. Johnson Ogden No.3

2017 Lawrence R. Rodriguez St. George No.10