General Order # 2

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To all Knights Templar Owing Allegiance to the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Utah:

To be read at the foot of the lines at the first Stated Conclave following receipt.


Whereas it is prudent to continue with previous Grand Commanders decisions and Orders, when found

to be in the best interest of Templary, it is my order for the following:



Dispensation is hereby granted to all Constituent Commanderies to visit a Lodge in Templar uniform (without sword and chapeau) and to form an Honor Guard in full Templar uniform for the public installation of Officers of any Masonic or Masonic affiliated body.

Dispensation is also granted for all Constituent Commanderies of this Grand Jurisdiction, to wear their uniform in support of patriotic and civic activities. Summer Uniforms will be allowed for all

parades and all functions where the Dress Uniforms are not called for, beginning from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year.

These Standing Dispensations expire at the installation of the successive Grand Commander of Knights Templar of The State of Utah.


Respectfully Ordered:

TJ Robertson, KTCH, KYCH




Charles E Warren Sr., KCT, KYCH

Grand Commander Grand Recorder

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