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The Golden Chapeau is a drill competition for “Class D” units to benefit the Knight Templar Eye Foundation (KTEF). The rules for the drill competitions will be the “The Competitive Drill Manual; Class ‘D’” of the Grand Encampment Knight Templar of the United States; January 2008. Class “D” units shall be composed of 6 knights and 1 Commander, for a total of 7 knights.

This competition will run from 1 September, 2012 to 10 May, 2013 and will be overseen by the Golden Chapeau Award Committee (GCAC). Each Commandery is encouraged to enter at least one Unit. Units may register any time during the competition. The Entry fee for each unit entered shall be $30. The unit with the most accumulated points at the end of Grand Sessions will be awarded the Golden Chapeau.

There will be three official drill competitions throughout year, but units are encouraged to “challenge” other units.

Official Competitions

  • Statewide York Rite Conference, November, 2012
  • Spring Festival, 22 March, 2013
  • Grand Sessions, 10 May, 2013


Rules of “Challenge”, any unit may challenge another unit to a drill competition. A challenge fee shall be $10, paid by the challenging unit. The units will decide on a time and place and contact the GCAC to arrange for judges.

All competitions shall follow the “Rules, Regulations, and Procedures Governing Golden Chapeau Award, Competition Grand Commandery of Utah 2012-2013”

All fees shall go to the KTEF.


Making a challenge  – 5pt
Participation in challenge or competition – 1pt
Winning competition or challenge  – 5pt (if more than 2 units then 1st place 5pts, 2nd place 3pts, 3rd place
Fundraising: – 1pt per $50 raised. ½ pt. per KTEF Life Sponsor.


  • Most Challenges, 5pts
  • Most Competitions, 5pts
  • 80%+ Per Capita membership Life Sponsor KTEF, 5pts
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