Most Excellent Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Utah


Lawrence R. “Gunny” Rodriguez

Most Excellent Grand High Priest

2019 – 2020 Officers


Right Excellent Grand King Jeffrey E. Hamilton  KYGCH
Right Excellent Grand Scribe Jay N. Mitchell
Right Excellent Grand Treasurer T.J. Robertson  KYGCH
Right Excellent Grand Secretary David J. Read, Sr  KTCH
Excellent Grand Capt of the Host John C. Liley, Jr. KYGCH
Excellent Grand Principal Sojourner Reed B. Fanning KYCH
Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain Daniel A. Drew
Excellent Grand Master 3rd Veil Timothy L. Stenner
Excellent Grand Master 2nd Veil Charles I. Young
Excellent Grand Master 1st Veil Douglas J. Backes KYGCH
Excellent Grand Chaplain Charles E. Warren, Sr. KYCH
Excellent Grand Lecturer William C. Brotherson
Excellent Grand Sentinel O. Blake Hansen


2019 – 2020 Committees

Four Corners Festival

T.J. Robertson, KYGCH*

“Gunny” Rodriguez – co-chairman

Reed Fanning, KYCH

Daniel Drew

Royal Arch Reaffirmation Day

Jay N. Mitchell*

Constituent Chaplains

Royal Arch Research Assistance Charitable Contributions

Jay N. Mitchell*

Reed Fanning, KYCH

Daniel Drew

Constituent High Priests & Secretaries

Bronze Medal Award

Dean D. Rein, KYGCH*

John H. McCurdy

P. “Marty” Martineau, Jr., KYGCH


* Denotes Committee Chairman

David J. Read, Sr., KTCH, Grand Secretary, Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Utah

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