Grand Commander Circular No. 1

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To all Knights Templar Owing Allegiance to the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Utah: To be read at the foot of the lines at the first Stated Conclave following receipt.



Visitations – The visitations for the Grand York Rite of Utah are changing this year. The Grand York Rite will be making “Social” visits to each of the constituent bodies in the State. These replace the joint visitations. These may be held separately or combined. They will be on a “Casual” scale and will include some type of social function, such as a barbeque, dinner or other type of social gathering. We will also be holding some round-table discussions as well as some officer training at these “Socials.” I will then be visiting each Constituent Commandery on a Stated Conclave and making my “Official Visitation.”


Communication – The successful operations of our Commanderies depend upon making sure our Sir Knights are well informed of our upcoming activities. It is of the utmost importance that the Sir Knights are well informed in advance so they can plan accordingly. This is very important, especially where many travel long distances in this jurisdiction to attend functions. Almost everyone has email. Use it. If they don’t, make sure they are notified by a card or a telephone call. The Grand Commandery has a website that can be used, and also some Constituent Commanderies have their own websites. This information can be sent to The Grand Recorder to post on the Utah Grand York Rite Website. Again, all information listed on websites needs to be kept up to date. Officer’s lists need to be updated promptly when there is any changes as well as any events scheduled, or old events removed. Along with normal communication within the Constituent Commanderies, I also task each Constituent Commander, and Recorder to report At A Minimum, once each month to the Grand Commander, and Grand Recorder any events, Orders, or social functions, as well as a report of the previous months completed events.


Membership – The Grand Encampment has the motto of; “Every Christian Mason Should Be A Knight Templar”. It is our duty to insure the continued success of Templar Masonry and each of us needs to take the steps to preserve our organization whose prime mission is the “Support and Defense of the Christian Religion” which we all vowed to in the “Order of the Temple.”


Uniform – The uniform instills pride in all of us, but it must be worn properly. The Uniform Code is posted on the Utah Grand York Rite Website under Resources. Become familiar with it, and make sure your new members are instructed in the proper wearing of the Knights Templar Uniform. In this small jurisdiction we don’t have inspections, so the Constituent Commanderies need to take this on themselves. The Grand Commandery will assist you as needed. In this jurisdiction, only four medals are authorized to be worn on the uniform coat at any one time, and one must be the Order of Malta Jewel. The only authorized medals described to be worn on the Knights Templar Uniform of the State of Utah consists of the following as of May 1990. Worn on top of left breast pocket from wearers left to right are:

  1. Order of Malta Jewel
  2. Past Commander Association or Past Prior of PCA.
  3. Past Eminent Commander Jewel
  4. Jewel of Office Constituent Commandery
  5. Jewel of Office Grand Commandery
  6. Past Grand Commander Jewel
  7. Knight Templar Cross of Honor Jewel

As a note, the Red Cross Jewel is not authorized to be worn in this jurisdiction. Also the Order of Malta Jewel is meant to be worn on the uniform. If it is desired to be worn on a suit coat, there are different pins available from various vendors that can help show your pride in the Commandery. The Knight Templar Cross of Honor Award may be worn suspended from a red ribbon around the neck with the award jewel resting upon the tie. The Knight Commander of the Temple Award may be worn in a similar manner suspended from a purple ribbon. Section 257 Grand Encampment Code gives permission for other jewels also. Surmounting the medals may be worn the Meritorious Service pin, and the Veteran’s Service pin. Above this may be worn the “Utah” badge, in gold. On the right side of the uniform opposite the medals is worn the name badge. Other than that, the right side is reserved for Grand Encampment. It has also been noted that some officers are wearing the improper shoulder straps and sleeve crosses. The Templar Cross is reserved to be worn only by Grand Commandery Officers in Red, and Past Grand Commanders in Purple. Past Grand Commandery Officers are not authorized to continue wearing the Templar Cross, unless they are a Past Elected Officer.


Instruction – During each Official Grand Commander’s Visitation this year, some of The Grand Commandery officers will demonstrate the proper ways of giving salutes, commands, handling of the sword, etc. These are also in the “Manual of Knights Templar Tactics and Asylum Ceremonies of the Grand Encampment of the United States of America”, which was adopted at our 2014 Annual Sessions. Each Commandery should purchase these and have them available for their members. Also each Commandery needs to hold schools of instruction, not only to get everyone executing the proper commands and tactics, but to aid in the training of the new Sir Knights.




TJ Robertson, KTCH, KYCH

Grand Commander




Charles E Warren Sr., KCT, KYCH

Grand Recorder


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