Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of Utah

Douglas J. Backes, KYCH

Right Eminent Grand Commander

2019 – 2020 Officers




Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander Jay N. Mitchell
Eminent Grand Generalissimo Jason C. Varner KYCH
Eminent Grand Captain General Charles E. Warren, Sr. KCT-KYCH
Eminent Grand Senior Warden Reed B. Fanning KYCH
Eminent Grand Junior Warden Timothy L. Stenner
Eminent Grand Prelate Christopher C. Young
Eminent Grand Treasurer T.J. Robertson KCT-KYGCH
Eminent Grand Recorder David J. Read, Sr. KTCH
Eminent Grand Standard Bearer Monte K. Andersen
Eminent Grand Sword Bearer O. Blake Hansen
Eminent Grand Warder Charles I. Young
Eminent Grand Sentinel Treavor J. Wilkinson
Eminent Grand Aide de Camp Daniel A. Drew
Eminent Grand Inspector General  P. “Marty” Martineau, Jr.,PGC KCT- KYGCH

2018 – 2019 Committees

2018-2019 Eye Foundation

Charles E. Warren, Sr.,  KCT, KYCH*

All Constituent Commanders

Magazine Supplement

Jay N. Mitchell*

David J. Read, Sr., KYCH

All Constituent Commanders & Recorders

Current Magazine

Current Supplement

Vesper Service & Necrology

Christopher C. Young*

David J. Read, Sr., KYCH

All Constituent Prelates

Holy Land Foundation

Jay N. Mitchell*

(Consists of 1 Grand Commandery Officer and 1 representative from each Constituent Commandery & All Constituent Commanders)

Knights Templar Cross of Honor

Brian J. Hastings, KYGCH*

T.J. Robertson, KYGCH

Knights Templar Education Foundation

Jason C. Varner, KYGCH*

Grand York Rite Ball

Three Presiding Grand Heads

* Denotes Committee Chairman

David J. Read, KYCH, Grand Secretary, Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Utah


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