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Grand York Rite of Utah Award Criteria and Recipients

Keystone Award Ish Sodi Award Meritorious Service Award
2016 Norman Smith-
Price Chapter #6
Marty Martineau-
Ontario Chapter #3
Charles E. Warren, Sr.-
Utah Council #1
Michael Shipler-
Malta Commandery #3
 2017  Edward Nelson-
St. George Chapter #10
James Robertson-
Price Chapter #6
 Lawrence R. Rodriguez-
Zion Council #7
Howard L. Hastings-
Solomon Council #4
Jeffrey E. Hamilton-
Provo Council #2
Brian J. Hastings-
Golgotha Commandery #7
David R. Brewer-
CF Jennings Commandery #6
Christopher C. Young-
Golgotha Commandery #7
 2018 John H. McCurdy-
Price Chapter #6
Richard W. Justesen-
Solomon Council #4
James A. Robertson-
CF Jennings Commandery #6

The Chapter Award is called the Keystone Award – As the Principle Arch of the Temple of Solomon relied on the Keystone wrought by such great a man as Hiram Abiff, the award given by each Chapter in Utah should represent the qualities of the keystone as well as the man who wrought it.

The Council Award is called the “ISH SODI” Award – As Cryptic Masons we are taught “ISH SODI” means “Select Man, or Man of My Choice.”  The Council Award should represent Select Men.

The Commandery Award is called the Grand Commandery Meritorious Service Award – Meritorious Services is listed as “Deserving of Honor or Esteem.”  The men receiving this award should be deserving of honor and selected for the service to each Commandery.


  1. Committees should be appointed for award recipients by the High Priest, Illustrious Master and Commander, of each York Rite Body no later than December 31st of each year.  These Committees will serve from January 1st until a successor is appointed. It is suggested that Past Elected Officers serve on these committees, and could be past award recipients as well.
  2. Awards should be made as the committee recommends, and as approved by the Grand High Priest, Illustrious Grand Master, and Grand Commander, but each award is limited to no more than one annually. Awards are to be made only when the committee makes a recommendation and do not have to be given at specified intervals. It is not necessary to make an award each year.
  3. The committee should review the membership each year and ascertain if the Chapter, Council, and/or Commandery has a worthy Companion or Sir Knight who should be considered for each award. The report should be made to the respective head of each body.  The High Priest, Illustrious Master and Commander reports the recommendation to the Grand High Priest, Illustrious Grand Master, and Grand Commander respectively.
  4. All recommendations for these awards are to be reviewed by the Grand High Priest, Illustrious Grand Master, and Grand Commander, or their designees and all such recommendations shall have the final approval of the Grand High Priest, Illustrious Grand Master, and Grand Commander respectively.
  5. Preparations for the presentations of these awards should be made by the current head of each body and under guidelines of each of the committees.
  6. The Grand High Priest, Illustrious Grand Master and Grand Commander, or their representatives should be invited to be present and assist in the presentation of each of the awards.


  1. In order for a member to be eligible for either of these awards, He must have at least 5 years of continuous service as a Royal Arch Mason, Cryptic Mason, or Knight Templar respectively.
  2. Regular attendance and support of the York Rite Bodies should be considered.
  3. Ritual performance should be considered, but is not required or mandatory for consideration of the awards.
  4. Service as an Officer is not required, but should be considered by the committee.
  5. Members who have been suspended and then reinstated should be strictly reviewed as to the circumstances of the suspension and all factors taken into consideration.
  6. Members for consideration of these awards should be distinguished by exceptional character, and humility, with regard to service to The York Rite Bodies.
  7. Membership in Honorary or Invitational Bodies is not required, but such membership and activity could be considered as secondary factors.


  • The High Priest, Illustrious Master, and Commander of each Constituent York Rite Body shall appoint a committee of 3 members to select the recipients of the awards.
  • The committee will review the membership and select a worthy Companion to be considered to receive The Keystone Award, The ISH SODI Award, and a Worthy Sir Knight for the Meritorious Service Award.
  • These recommendations will be forwarded to The Grand High Priest, Illustrious Grand Master, and Grand Commander respectively through the Office of The Grand Secretary/Recorder, at least 3 weeks prior the anticipated presentation date.
  • A FEE OF $25.00 SHALL ACCOMPANY the recommendation for each of the 3 awards. This fee covers the cost of the awards, as well as a certificate suitable for framing.
  • The recommendations will be considered by the Grand High Priest, Illustrious Grand Master, and Grand Commander respectively, and notifications will be made through the Office of The Grand Secretary/Recorder, the award recipients are approved or denied.
  • The Grand York Rite is 100 percent behind recognition of your nominee. Everything will be done to accommodate your request. Denials will only be made for just cause by the Grand Head of the body.
  • The award recipients will be recognized at the Grand York Rite of Utah Annual Sessions and their names will be printed in the proceedings of The Grand York Rite of Utah.
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