Grand York Rite of Utah Officers Emailing List

Grand York Rite of Utah Officers Emailing List
Version: 1.0
Jason A Mitchell (Admin)
P. Marty Martineau
The email/group list shall be known as the: Grand York Rite of Utah Officers Emailing List
The email address shall be
The GRAND YORK RITE BODIES OF UTAH have charted the aforementioned Moderators to establish an email communications list.
Procedures of ethical and professional conduct guide any organization. The Code of the MOST WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of FREE and ACCEPTED MASONS of UTAH formalizes the direction, standards and expectations of the CRAFT regarding conduct of the persons who comprise the organization. Violations of forum rules may be considered violations of the precepts of the Grand Lodge Code.
  1. The primary purpose of THE LIST is to enhance communication between the Officer’s of the GRAND YORK RITE BODIES of UTAH.
  2. Posting guidelines have been established that support the mission of the GRAND YORK RITE BODIES OF UTAH. Posting guidelines are in place to ensure respect for the many diverse and contrasting views of the Companions and Sir Knights within the Grand Jurisdiction of Utah. It is your responsibility to read these guidelines before posting. Failure to read the guidelines will not be an acceptable excuse for inappropriate or questionable posting.


  1. This list is open to, any Officer of any grand body within the GRAND YORK RITE BODIES OF UTAH;
  2. This is an official discussion list and an organ of the GRAND YORK RITE BODIES of UTAH;
  3. Official business/discussions only. Politics and humor are not welcome;
  4. Do not complain about length of postings;
  6. With the length of posts in mind, when quoting it is not necessary to re-post an entire previous post, please excerpt relevant parts.
  7. The use of condescending or degrading language, profanity, and any form of racial, gender, political, or religious bigotry will be considered cause for immediate temporary or permanent removal from THE LIST
  8. There are probably no other topics of discussion that have caused as much ill will, alienation and contention as have politics and religion.
  9. In the interest of harmony among members, it is considered poor form and a violation of forum rules to introduce any religious, political, or other divisive topic into THE LIST. Please remember that not everyone will share your views. Posts that degrade, insult, slander, defame or satirize, gender, class, ethnicity, nationality, political affiliation, education, religious background, sexuality, relationship paradigm or theology will not be tolerated. When in doubt regarding acceptable content of a post, don’t assume; ask.
  10. In general, the topics of politics and religion are not acceptable for discussion on THE LIST.
  11. The privacy of all list members is paramount in all business of this list. Do NOT forward any posts other than what is readily accessible to the general public to other lists or individuals without the written consent of that person. Do not reveal the identity of a list member. Do not share member’s names with anyone other than a current Lodge member, with out their express permission. No exceptions.

Examples of posts that are discouraged or deemed not appropriate

  1. Any personal messages that would be better sent by private email.
  2. Posts that challenge another person’s right to be on the list or that complain about another member’s post. Send your concerns to the moderators via email instead.
  3. Posts that dwell on the perceived shortcomings of religions of, or not of, your own or that stereotype members of any given faith.
  4. Aspersions in regard to another’s path, personal experiences etc…
  5. Sweeping generalizations especially with negative or derogatory connotation.
  6. Categorizing and/or labeling of members or of the views/beliefs of a particular path or faith.
  7. Discussions of current events that do not directly and explicitly relate to the GRAND YORK RITE BODIES OF UTAH or Freemasonry in general.
  8. Gossip and hearsay.
  9. Any and all rants about elected officials and generalizations about political parties and their perceived biases. This includes any political observations regarding particular officials or policy unless directly related to the Lodge or any of its members or subdivisions.

Again if in doubt ask.


The moderators have the sole authority to determine what is and is not appropriate for the list. If you are asked by a moderator to drop a subject, if a subject is called out of bounds, or a moderator requests the topic be taken to private email or to another list, please do so immediately; these requests are not open to public debate.

Disregard or disrespect for a moderator will place you on immediate moderated status and may be viewed as reason for removal from the list.
Chronic or flagrant disregard for any of the above guidelines, including ignoring moderator requests, is grounds for banning from the list.
If you have questions related to posting issues, like whether a topic is appropriate for THE LIST, contact a moderator off list.
Please note that the moderators are directed to share all inquires regarding list business so that we can work as a team in maintaining the quality of the list.

Moderators will respect the dignity of all members and no one will ever be publicly chastised or disciplined in THE LIST by any moderator. If necessary, this will always occur via private email.
Despite the somewhat dire tone of the above, we’re really a pretty laid-back group of people. We are here to learn and better ourselves and hopefully have fun along the way.

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