Samuel Paul Honors Commandery No. 00


2017-2018 Officers

Commander – Jason C. Varner

Generalissimo – Robert M. Bennett

Captain General – Norman A. Smith – PGC

Recorder – Charles E. “Chuck” Warren, Sr.

Treasurer – Dean D. Rein – PGC

Senior Warden –  Jeffrey N. Nelson (GEKT)

Junior Warden –  Jeffrey E. Hamilton

Standard Bearer – Benjamin L. Young

Sword Bearer –  Jay N. Mitchell

Warder –  David J. Kussman (GEKT)

Sentinel – William A. Garrard, Jr. (GEKT)

Prelate – Daniel A. Drew

Purpose –

The purpose of this Honors Commandery is to assist the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Utah in raising funds for the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Incorporated, Confer Orders, and Hold Schools of Instruction, as well as to provide an opportunity for Sir Knights of this, and other grand jurisdictions to further support The Grand Commandery of Utah, and all Constituent Commanderies within its jurisdiction.

Conclaves –

The Annual Conclave of this Commandery shall be held during the second week of May, at the same location and preceding the Annual Conclave of The Grand Commandery of Utah.  In addition there shall be at least two Stated Conclaves of this Commandery to be held on the date and time determined by the Sir Knights present at the Annual Conclave and shall convene at the time specified by the Commander.

This Commandery is a traveling Commandery and may hold conclaves within the asylums of any regular Commandery throughout the State of Utah, or within the location of The Grand Commandery of Utah’s Annual Conclave, or other location by Dispensation of the Grand Commander.

Membership –

Membership in this Honors Commandery is open to Sir Knights in Good Standing in this jurisdiction or other jurisdictions recognized by The Grand Commandery of Utah, and The Grand Encampment of The United States.

Fees and Dues –

Initial Fees for membership in this Honors Commandery are $60.00 with $30.00 of such fee purchasing a LIFE SPONSORSHIP with the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.

Dues are $48.00 per year with $24.00 per year going to the Annual Voluntary Campaign of the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.

For more information regarding this Honors Commandery, contact the Grand Recorder at

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