Social Guidelines


The Grand Heads will conduct individual visitations, and coordinate the dates directly with the local bodies and local leadership.

Outline of Socials

The purpose of the Grand York Rite of Utah, Social Visitations is to provide the Constituent Chapters, Councils, and Commanderies of Utah with a meeting format that will provide the Companions/Sir Knights with a meaningful experience which will promote brotherly love and friendship as well as providing a format to ask questions openly in a roundtable type discussion.

The other benefit of these visits is we can gather in a format where one body will not be the presiding body. We are all part of the Grand York Rite, and as such, we feel there is nothing better than representing the Grand bodies in a way which provides for a united organization.

The dress for these visits will be a “Business Casual” or “Western Casual” as you desire. This is not to detract from the overall experience, but rather to provide a better dress for social style functions. There will be plenty of time to wear the prescribed dress uniforms of the 3 bodies during the Official Visitations of each of the Grand bodies which will be held during a stated or special convocation/conclave of the Constituent Chapters, Councils, and Commanderies.

The Reading of reports to the Head of each Grand body will be reserved for the official visitations. However, the head of each constituent body should be prepared to provide a list of events, and happenings they have been doing, as well as current plans for any upcoming events they may require any assistance with from the Grand York Rite. We want to hear of your trials, tribulations, successes and praises of Your York Rite Bodies.

The reception of the Grand Heads at these social visits will also be an unnecessary task, these will be completed at the Official Visitations of each Grand Body Respectively. Of course we will have introductions, but they will be in a format to match the event.

These visits are geared to be completed around some type of social event, such as a breakfast, lunch, dinner, hors d’oeuvres, deserts or another type as you choose. The Grand York Rite together will provide for some libations and snacks as hospitality, the rest is up to you! Each member of the Grand York Rite is prepared to pay up to $15.00 for a meal if that is what you choose. If any assistance is needed in the planning of these events please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Social Events Calendar

Date Bodies Location Details
4/4/2016 Ogden Ogden Masonic Temple El Monte #2
4/6/2016 Price Price Masonic Temple CFJ #6
4/20/2016 Midvale Midvale Masonic Temple  Malta #3
TBD SLC Utah #1
TBD St. George  Golgotha #7
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